Accounting and fiscal

  • Assistance in setting up companies / starters / freelancers
  • Keeping accounts and drawing up the annual accounts, drafting intermediate statements if required
  • VAT declarations
  • Tax declarations (IPP, ISOC, INR, etc..)
  • Drawing up provisional profit and loss accounts and management charts / reporting
  • Management audits
  • Emergency services in accounting and tax
  • Assistance with appeals or tax audits
  • Bank procedures and administrative assistance
  • Administrative and legal publication formalities (resignations, transfers of head office, etc…)
  • International tax services
  • Financial and succession planning

Financial audit

  • Assistance in drawing up financial plans, budgets and business plans
  • Drawing up and verifying tax declarations
  • Financial analysis

Business engineering

  • Assistance in creating and growing of a company
  • Assistance in presenting creation projects
  • Support during the creation or takeover of a company on an economic, financial, legal, social and fiscal level
  • Drawing up a provisional plan and funding plan
  • Help in preparing and completing grant applications
  • Monitoring and support when starting up the activity
  • Advise on buy-sell agreements of customer base/goodwill and draft appropriate documents
  • Support in some transaction of buying, selling or transfer shares of the Company