Passwords are a thing of the past

09/08/2022 Passwords are a thing of the past
Protect your online accounts with two-factor-authentication What is two-factor authentication?  Two-factor authentication (2FA) works a bit like a double lock. You use something you know... Read more

Inflation increases to 8.97%

31/05/2022 Inflation increases to 8.97%
Consumer price index of May 2022 Inflation rose from 8.31% to 8.97% in May, reaching its highest level since August 1982, when it stood at 9.02%.... Read more

8 good reasons to adopt e-Invoicing

16/05/2022 8 good reasons to adopt e-Invoicing
Electronic invoicing offers many benefits for companies and organisations, regardless of their sector of activity. Why not take the plunge? Since the end of the... Read more

Inflation exceeds 4%.

24/11/2021 Inflation exceeds 4%.
The majority of wages in the social profit sector evolve according to an automatic indexation mechanism. The health and consumer price indices for October 2021... Read more
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